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Don't shell out a king's ransom for new I.T. - get a second opinion from Bigfish Technology.


Where Quality Counts

Choosing the right server hardware and software is critical to maximising your IT investment.

The good news is that servers come in all different shapes and sizes and your business needs and budget will determine what the right server is for you.

Our partnership with Dell enables you to secure the best possible pricing for the right Dell product. To make the decision easy for you, we custom build Dell servers to meet the specific needs of our clients – this thankfully takes the guesswork out of choosing your server!

Plus all Dell servers sold by Bigfish include a minimum 3 year onsite warranty.

Implement with ease…

The successful implementation of your server is our number one priority and makes a lasting difference to your successful and easy use of IT. We pride ourselves at being the best in the industry for server implementations.

The Bigfish 4 Phase Implementation involves:

Phase 1 – Planning:  All good server implementations are a result of the right planning!

Phase 2 – Building: We completely configure, customise and test your server.

Phase 3 – Installation: Installation often happens on a weekend with all of your data kept available for you to use until completion.

Phase 4 – Follow Up: Onsite Staff Training and full documentation is provided.

We know that ultimately you want your IT systems to just work and provide the right information to you and your team quickly and that is exactly our goal.

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