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Online Fax Service

Online faxing means that you do not need to be in front of your fax machine to be able to send or receive faxes, they come to you instantly over email.  This means that you no longer need to be in your home or office to be able to send or receive faxes.

Subscribers to this service receive a new fax number instantly after sign up (if you have an existing fax number it can be re-directed to this new number so you do not need to notify anyone of the change).  Any time someone sends you a fax it is delivered instantly to your email address.

Some of the added benefits of our online faxing solution mean that:

1. You can begin receiving faxes INSTANTLY – you do not have to wait around for any special lines or services to be installed by Telstra

2. You can receive an unlimited number of faxes at any one time – no engaged signals

3. You can read your faxes from anywhere where you can read your e-mail

4. Your customers will never get an engaged signal when they try to fax you

5. To be able to receive faxes, you do not need to worry about having a fax machine turned on, loaded with paper & ink – it is all done for you

6. You do not need to pay high phone line rental for a dedicated fax line

7. You can still send faxes the way that you always have using your existing fax machine

8. If desired, you can also receive voice messages on the same line that are also e-mailed to you!

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